The BADCC pool phone is operational again - a newer Nokia model is able to receive a signal despite the refurbishment of QMC's swimming pool which has seriously reduced the phone signal inside!

Call the BAD Phone!

BADCC now has a mobile phone at the pool on a Wednesday evening to enable you, the paddlers, to check session availability before leaving your house. Just simply ring the number printed below and ask the person doing the bookings if there are any free sessions. This saves wasted journeys. If you live outside the Basingstoke area you may book yourself in for a session using the mobile.  If you, then please turn up fifteen minutes before the session is due to start to secure your booking with payment. I`m afraid to say that we do not `do` texts. Ringing is the simplest way of communicating as texts may not get through.

Number : 07941 107 553.