Following Martin's untimely death in 2009 a fund was set up to remember his contribution to the Colt Hill Clubhouse.

The Martin Booth Memorial Fund was started by his friends and colleagues from work who made a donation of £700 towards the clubhouse at Colt Hill instead of sending flowers to the funeral.  We are very grateful both for the individual donations and to Martin's family for wishing to remember him in this way.

When a clubhouse is built the Club will use this to fund an appropriate memorial.  In the short term the fund will be used on a loan basis to assist with completing the design work.

The fund remains open to accept further contributions and currently stands at close to £500 (January 2012).  To date the fund has contributed £8,000 towards the cost of the permanent fencing around the Club's land at Colt Hill.

Current fund raising activities include "Bags4Sport" and donation from people who have seen the Olympic Torch carried by Peter Mansell.

Tp donate online please go to our MyDonate webpage.