Sea kayakSea and touring kayaks are suitable for paddling on placid inland water without rapids, lakes and on the sea.

Easky 15The club has 9 sea and touring kayaks:


Our fleet has been built around the Easky 15, a great day boat with the capacity to carry some extra kit and make a weekend or week of it.  The sleek and sporty touring boat lines mean it's perfect for getting to grips with open water. Bay crossings and estuaries are no trouble in the Easky 15, and what could beat watching the sun set over an open sea?

  • 3 Easky 15's - general purpose touring and sea kayaks, ideal for day trips on the sea and have been used by club members for week long sea kayak camping expeditions.
  • 2 Easky 15LVs - very similar but designed for female and lighter paddlers.
For the larger paddler we have:
  • 2 Carolina 14's - another general purpose touring suitable for the larger paddlerCaroline 14
For a more traditional (less comfortable?) feel we have two glass fibre sea kayaks with traditional (smaller and more awkward) ocean size cockpits:
  • 1 Ice Floe - a glass fibre expedition sea kayak also lovingly known as the beast as it becomes more difficult to manoeuvre as the wind strength increases above force 3
  • 1 Islander - a glass fibre day or weekend sea kayak

These are complemented with sea kayak paddles (lendal archipelago in a variety of lengths), spray decks, buoyancy aids and distress flares.