Dagger GTThe Club's white water kayaks are suitable for general paddling on placid water and for paddling on white water.

The Club has 31 white water kayaks to suit paddlers of all ages and sizes. All are suitable for paddlers new to white water or even new to kayaking. The Dagger GT series and the Jackson Fun kayaks are current designs that would be equally appropriate for a more experienced paddler.

The Dagger GT series are classic river kayaks; stable and forgiving. Its planing hull will surf all day long, and makes for a fast, dry ride through the even the messiest eddylines. Available in 4 sizes, the GT series is an excellent choice for the experienced paddler, and a dynamic yet predictable river boat for those new to whitewater.

  • 4 Dagger GTS's - the smallest GT is suited to children or smaller adults with an intended paddler weight of 35 to 65kg (80-140lbs)
  • 5 Dagger GT's - the GT is suitable for paddlers up to about 5' 6" tall with an intended paddler weight of 40 to 80kg (90-180lbs)
  • 4 Dagger GTX's - the GT is suitable for paddlers up to about 6' 0" tall with an intended paddler weight of 65 to 105kg (140-230lbs)
  • 2 Dagger GT Max's - general purpose river running kayaking for taller or heavier paddlers with an intended paddler weight of 85 to 125kg (190-280lbs)
These current designs are supported by 5 slightly older white water kayaks:
  • 4 Pyranha Creek 280's - general purpose river running kayak with an older design dispacement hull
  • 1 Pyranha Mountain 300 - similar to the Creek 280 but for the larger paddler
Jackson FunFor younger paddlers the Club has:

These are completemented with white water paddles (Werner Rio in a variety of lengths and for smaller hands we have some small shaft Werner Amigo paddles), spray decks, buouancy aids and safety equipment.