This article describe the Club's equipment in general and provides links to more detailed articles.

For costs of borrowing boats, paddles etc click here.

For details of boats and equipment being sold by the Club or members click here.


The Club has five types of kayak and within each category there are some that are intended for children or smaller adults:

There is some overlap between the categories so you will see some repeats.


The Club has 3 open canoes and access to a further 5 open canoes. All are of the traditional style.  [add article and link]


Different types of craft require different types of paddle and the Club has appropriate paddles for all the boats in its fleet. Click here for more details.

Protective Equipment

Paddling can involve a range of hazards and the Club has a selection of personal protective equipment to mitigate those hazards. All can be borrowed when boats are borrowed, except where noted otherwise.

Safety Equipment

Personal protective equipment can be augmented by a range of group safety equipment, that is intended primarily Club courses and organised paddles. In general this equipment will be loaned to coaches and group organisers only.

  • Distress flares: click here
  • Split paddles
  • Group shelters
  • First aid kits
  • Tow lines

Training Equipment

The Club has a range of equipment intended to support the safety, rescue and first aid training run by the Club. This includes:

  • Resuscitation mannequins
  • Throw lines, knives, tape slings, chest harnesses and karabiners