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Judging the water levels in UK rivers is never easy.  There are various gauges that can be viewed over the internet on contacted by phone to check water levels.  For phone numbers and websites ...

Environment Agency Rivercall

The Environment Agency operate a series of premium rate phone numbers that give water level information on many rivers.  To see the full list click here.  However,  unless you can interpret the gauge levels given the telephone service can be rather uninformative. 

For a site that gives interpretation as well as the river levels visit


North Wales

River Dee (Mile End Mill) click here (its a phone number but you need to read the website to understand it!)

Afon Tryweryn click here or phone 01678 520826

South Wales

River Usk phone 0906 619 7755 then 1(English), 3(SE Wales), 2(Usk & Wye)




Northern England

River Washburn click here


Artificial Courses

Nene Whitewater Centre click here




more to be added