Saturday 18th November

Skip passed the draining the pit of despair and jump straight to the focus of this work party - shaping the hardstanding and progress the pit of despair.

Saturday 9th November

This was all beginning to feel very familiar - drain the lake, place hardcore, cover it in crushed stone and compact.

Saturday 26th October

HardstandingWe had a pile of hardcore.  We had a pile of crushed limestone.  We needed to build up the hardstanding inside the main entrance gates.

Saturday 12th October

20 tonnes of Type 1 sub-base (crushed limestone) was delivered on Thursday. Now we had to use it.

Sunday 15th September

Whilst we had excavated the bulk of the area inside the double gates on the last digger day that still left the strip right next to the gate to clean up.  

Thursday 22nd August

With the prospect of getting a contractor on site to construct the Clubhouse approaching it has become more important to make the site fit to occupy.  In particular to remove the stockpiles of surplus soil and to extend the hardstanding through the main gates into the fenced compound.